UK Air Testing has introduced the service of ventilation testing as whilst we are already on site we only charge a small fee to complete the ventilation testing for Part F compliance in the same visit.

What is Ventilation Testing?

Part F of the Building Regulations 2010 introduced the requirement to verify practical performance of ventilation in new dwellings against design. This requires validation of airflow measurements for every dwelling constructed under this edition of the Building Regulations as well as ensuring that the system has been configured correctly

Where the engineer undertaking the testing is not registered a 25% penalty will be applied within SAP. All UK Air Testing Compliance engineers have successfully completed the BPEC Domestic Ventilation course.

These tests are required not only for system 4 (Continuous mechanical balanced system with heat recovery), but also for system 1 (Background ventilators and intermittent extract fans) and system 3 (Continuous mechanical extract).

In order to ascertain the correct ventilation rates required UK Air Testing will need the following information: SAP calculation worksheets for each dwelling
ventilation type floor plans and sections for each dwelling occupant schedule.

How do we do Ventilation Testing?

The tests must be undertaken using UKAS calibrated equipment and should be conducted by an engineer registered with a competent scheme with respect to “domestic ventilation technologies”.

Each component of the properties ventilation system will be tested individually for example extraction fans and oven hoods. Each test is very quick, taking only a few minutes to complete, the equipment is simply placed over the ventilation system to be tested and a flow reading is taken on a connected piece of electronic equipment to generate the reading.