UK Air Testing can act as your point of contact for Commercial Air Pressure Testing for nationwide delivery on any sized property at superb prices.

Why do we do Commercial Air Pressure Testing

Air tightness is about your building envelope’s resistance to air leakage, reducing energy consumption and the Government’s commitment to cut CO2 emissions, this is also for commercial properties not just residential.
Under the Building Regulation Requirements Part L 2010, Approved Document L2A 2010 requires new commercial buildings and extensions to pass an air leakage test before you’ll get building control approval. There are two exceptions:

Buildings with areas under 500 m2

In this instance, you can assume air permeability of 15 m3.h-1.m-2 @ 50Pa providing the Target carbon dioxide Emission Rate (TER) is achieved using the National Calculation Methodology.

Some large, complex non-domestic buildings

This exemption applies to some non-domestic buildings where air testing isn’t feasible for an entire structure. Examples include large, complex buildings, high-rise and multi-storey structures, and multi-occupancy residential buildings.

Normal and Best Practice:

Building Type Air Leakage Rate in m³/hr/m² at 50 Pa
Best Practice Normal Practice
Building Regulations Standard 10
Offices – Naturally Ventilated 3 7
Offices – A/C and Natural Vent. 2.5 5
Offices – A/C – Low Energy. 2 5
Factories & Warehouses 2 6
Superstores 1 5
Schools 3 9
Hospitals 5 9
Museums 1 1.5
Cold Stores 0.2 0.3

Getting the best results for your Commercial Air Test

It’s never too early to discuss your project. Whatever your commercial air leakage testing concerns, our knowledge and experience really can help your project be more successful and achieve the targets that have been set. We can offer a range of services including pre-site inspections and desktop studies to support you through what can be a daunting process.