Over the last few years, UK Air Testing has successfully offered its customers an air sealing service which is continuing to prove very popular.

Sealing is carried out at the first fix stage of the build by our experienced staff. Sealing at this stage gives excellent results as it is not as aesthetically impacting as trying to address the issue of leaks at a second fix/snagging stage. It also eliminates the necessity for difficult expensive repairs being required later on in the build.

We understand our customers are not always aware of the areas that leak and this can cause problems when it comes to completing an air test at the end of a build. We believe it is far better to address difficult areas during the build to mitigate the problem completely.

We also believe it

is far more cost effective to complete first fix sealing works rather than seeking to seal problem areas retrospectively at the end of the build. First fix sealing also provides a more robust/quality finish for a property in terms of heat loss. Furthermore, on larger sites, we can often incorporate the sealing service with other testing to avoid additional site visit fees.

Compliance withthe Part L Regulation is becoming more and more difficult and the need for a reduced air test result is essential. UK Air Testing would like the opportunity to help your build achieve the best possible result. Getting in touch couldn’t be simpler – you can telephone us on 01763 242114 or click on the email facility to discuss first fix sealing prices and options for your project.